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Student Testimonials

"Professor Bao’s passion for teaching combined with her experiences in the field really helps students learn and engage with class and is always able to give helpful guidance for any questions that come up. Whether it is through her lectures, office hours, or videos walkthroughs, Professor Bao always shows care for her students and goes above and beyond to give options that can best help them and meets their needs. All of the classes and projects are well done in keeping things feeling fresh, providing a challenge that allows students to practice their problem solving skills, and taking the topics learned in class and connecting them with real world practices and design."
Eric Wilde
Rochester Institute of Technology'2021
Dr. Bao has a talent for helping students master their studies. She is able to convey complex topics in an easily retainable manner and is capable of quickly adjusting class plans to focus on topics as needed. Dr. Bao drives her students to succeed and is willing to go above and beyond to help. She is very approachable and open to new ideas and criticism. Her passion for engineering is ever present and she continues to stay on the cutting edge of her field through her research. I couldn’t praise her enough and am honored to have had her as both a professor and mentor.
Chad Stevens
Rochester Institute of Technology '2012
"It is refreshing to see a professor who is so enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their field, and this is exactly what Professor Bao embodies. I enjoyed class with her and found her teaching methods very effective, engaging, and helpful. She truly cares about her students and their success."
Michelle Wolf
Rochester Institute of Technology'2013

"Dr. Bao is able to simplify complex engineering processes down to their most fundamental pieces and then presents the information in a very clear and concise way. She is very knowledgeable in the subjects she teaches, and understands which areas present the most trouble to students."
Andrew Rietz
Rochester Institute of Technology '2013
"Professor Bao taught dynamics and structures classes in a way that students at every level could understand the material. Her courses were enjoyable and intriguing- I never missed a class! She is one of the very best professors at RIT. I hope she stays with the Civil Engineering department for many more years, so all Civil students get the chance to learn and benifit from her teaching."
Dawn Phan
Rochester Institute of Technology '12
"Professor Bao is an amazing professor. With a perfect balance of lectures and examples it made the class flow and easy to understand the material. Even when the material became tougher, she was always there for office hours and would explain anything to a student, no matter what. She is, hands down, one of the best professors I've had at Rochester Institute of Technology."
Brendan Morrissey
Rochester Institute of Technology '2012
"Professor Bao was one of my favorite instructors. She made learning hard topics interesting and encourages us to ask questions. No matter what she was doing, if you had a question she would help you until you understood the material. Any student that gets to have her as a teacher will get to experience teaching at its best."
Tarek Rahim
Rochester Institute of Technology '12
"Amanda Bao is one of the most devoted professors at RIT. She is deeply committed to educating her students. I would highly recomment Professor Bao to anyone who wants to be challenged while learning."
Megan Tocci
Rochester Institute of Technology '2012

"I want to thank Professor Bao for her help getting me into graduate school. I cant thank her enough for all that she has done for me. She is a great professor, and a great addition to the program here at RIT. She is always willing to help students out and ensure our success. I like how active she is in the civil engineering world, with all the conferences she attends and then sharing that information with us. It's also nice to see her impact on the program here and trying to get students involved and change the program so it more closely relates to civil engineering and prepares us for the working world. She is one of the best professors I have had at RIT."
Philip Kulis
Rochester Institute of Technology '2012
"Professor Bao was one of my favorite professors in the Civil Engineering Technology department. I loved each and everyone of her classes that I had with her(Structural Analysis and Steel Design). She really cares abour her students rather than just feeding information. She constantly offered extra help to us and I definitely took advantage of it. She also made her classes interesting and fun for us which was important in keeping up our motivation and willingness to learn. I think Professor Bao is a powerful asset to the Civil Engineering Department."
Giana Gengo
Rochester Institute of Tecnology '2012
"She is a great teacher and her notes have helped me on my Co-op."
Luigi Deguzman
Rochester Institute of Technology '13

Dr. Bao is truly an amazing professor. While she started at RIT my senior year, I was lucky enough to have her for at least one class every quarter that year. Her knowledge was immediately apparent, but what really set her apart was her ability to make sure that all of her students really understood the topics being taught. Her enthusiasm and passion for what she taught was clearly on display in all of her classes. I consider myself lucky to have been a student of hers.

Steve Halewski
Rochester Institute of Technology '2011