RIT Steel Design Project Winners

Each year the students in structural design courses form groups to design a steel building or steel bridge. The students use the lastest codes including ASCE 7, AISC Steel Construction Manual, IBC or AASHTO LRFD to design the structures. The final report includes load and design calculations, AutoCAD drawings, and cost estimation. A formal presentation is presented in the classroom at the end of the course. The winning teams are selected based on their final report and presentation. The past winning teams are as follows:

2017-2018 Academic Year

1st Place: Undergraduate Consultants
Michael Begonja, Marc Toro, Reda Hanna, Jose Romero, Ben Perlman

2nd Place: VGC Engineers
Mike Gulasey, Nick Binnert, Robert Mertz, Paul Fowler

3rd Place: Grin and Bear It Design
Nick Merrifield, Melissa Zender, Austin Kuzara, Nadya Levitova, Mark Marquis

2016-2017 Academic Year

1st Place: Fec Design
Kevin Morfin, Thomas Bock, Cole Papasergi, Basit Saeed

2nd Place: Whirlwind Construction and Design
Nick Castronovo, Jason Kuberka, Tyler Becker, Andrew Walker

3rd Place: Elite Engineering
Ali Mohamed, Brian Ringenwald, CJ Powell, Zech Brown

2014-2015 Academic Year

1st Place: BEET Steel
Trevor Goderie, Eric Chang, Eric Jones, Brian Laurer

2nd Place: P&R Associates
Kayla Pliszka, Gary Resti, Mike Puzio, Sam Rinaldo

3rd Place: KEPT Structural Engineers
Nicole Kung, Tyler Panting, Scott Erbland, Nikens Toussaint

2013-2014 Academic Year

1st Place: MDFM Engineering
Shane Madden, Michael Dhalle, Brendan Francis, Madalyn Murphy

2nd Place:JSAE Engineering
Andrew Crawford, Stephen Johnson, Edan Lewis, Justin Whitmore

3rd Place: Northeast Structural
Chris Waver, Kurt Melvin, Rekaft Doski, Ben Thomas

2012-2013 Academic Year

1st Place: MeRIT Engineering (I-plate steel girder bridge)
Eric Steck, Paul Webster, Stefanie Acosta, Michael Zaikis

1st Place (Tie):Wane Engineering (4-story office building, braced frame)
Paul Bilz, Michelle Wolf, Tom Marchiole, Joe Nicosia

3rd Place: Steel Team Six (4-story office building, moment frame)
Luigi Deguzman, Quan Tran, Brad Fisher, Ryan Galusha, Jonathan Lambert

2011-2012 Academic Year

1st Place: GRO2 Design Group
Shane O'Connor, Darrin Ruiz, Drazen Gasic, Robert Opramalla

2nd Place :Tiger Steel Group
Chris Bridges, Michael Burleigh, Kim Batz

3rd Place: Thunder Steel
Nicholas White, Matthew Teagarden, David Guy, Brendan Morrissey

2010-2011 Academic Year

Best Bridge Design: BOPS CAST, LLC
Laura Olcott, Michael Savino, Brent Perkins, Pawel Bronski

Best Building Design: Erection Design Inc.
Steve Bogart, Brandon Cole, Justin Hsieh, Domenico Tornatore